Sergio is a young man of 26 years: he is blind and has therefore never seen a smile. Additionally, he is autistic. He does, however, give everybody a sincere smile every day; his purity, dedication and his inner peace with his life make his story of self-improvement even more unbelievable. It is a gift to all of us around him.

Sergio faces many difficulties in life, yet this does not impede his cheerful disposition and he projects this deep, sincere happiness to others. Life is challenging yet straightforward for him at the same time. He moves at his own pace; he enjoys both the bigger and smaller pleasures of life in a very intimate and personal way.

Sergio is a determined fighter who is capable of achieving every goal he sets himself. He plays the piano as well as some other percussion instruments, does tap dancing, sings in a choir, practises yoga, swims, rides horses and a tandem bike alongside his brother. All these experiences are relayed and recorded onto a Dictaphone. He is a great adventurer: an excellent travel companion and always ready to face up to a challenge.


Our project is to make a documentary based on the amazing story encapsulated by Sergio Aznárez Rosado’s life: a 26-year-old youngster born both blind and autistic yet still lives a happy and full life packed with wonderful adventures. A story of self-improvement which will make us reflect on the very essence of life.

Sergio and his brother Manuel will ride their tandem bike from the north to the south of Morocco this spring; stopping to meet Sergio’s friend Mati [Matilde] at the end. Over thirty days the two brothers will traverse more than a thousand kilometres of desert and high mountains; their starting point will be Cuenca in central Spain and from there to one of the most remote villages in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains.

Mati is a key character in Sergio’s life: outside of his family, she was the first person who understood him and helped him to understand the world through her eyes. That was how she became one of the privileged people who Sergio chose to be part of his ‘inner world’ – due to autism – and his inner circle.

Mati is more than a friend or a mentor for Sergio. Their relationship is based on friendship and affection; it has taught Sergio to understand life.

The journey will be used as the basis of the documentary. We will discover a person who, despite his difficulties, never gives up. A person able to achieve the most unbelievable feats yet still appreciate the little details to the fullest. A person that adds a touch of magic in day-to-day life and situations.


This spring, Sergio as well as his brother Manuel will leave their home in Cuenca with just a tandem bike and enough clothes to cover the thousand kilometre distance between their home, and the Todgha Gorge in the Atlas Mountains.

Our protagonist has always travelled by conventional transport such as cars or planes; so far he has never been fully aware of distance. On this adventure he will cover the distance by bike, therefore facing an unprecedented challenge.

Sergio’s motivation and strength to undertake this amazing adventure comes from his wish to see his friend Mati again at her home in Morocco. Mati has always been a very special person, so there is no better motivation for him than to know that she will be there at the end of the journey.

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